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I Started off in the Air Force Cadets in 1986. Then in 1991 at the age of 17 I then joined the Royal Australian Air Force where I served for 17 years. In 2008 I transferred to the Army and was in the Infantry for 8 years and served in East Timor. Now I’m a Mover. 27 years all up so far.

Throughout my postings I have also served in the South Australian Country Fire Service, The New South Wales Fire Brigade, and now with the Queensland State Emergency Service as a volunteer.


During my time in service I have seen some very poorly mounted medals.  I began offering my services to colleagues on deployment, and when serving in East Timor, to all the soldiers that where in country.

Upon my return from that deployment what had started as a hobby had grown into a business, and has continued to grow ever since.  I now have customers all over Australia and from all forces in our country.

As you can see I have a great appreciation for service and the pride that goes with the medals that we receive.  They have a sentimental value that far exceeds their monetary worth, and it is this value that is reflected in the work I do here at The Medalist.

I take great pride in my craftsmanship and making sure that your accomplishments, or your relatives or friends, are displayed looking the best they possibly can.

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