For those of you who have served your country, be it in the Armed Forces or the Emergency Services and have been honored with your own medals, or have family members who have, you’ll understand the personal and monetary value of these medals is very high, and can’t be replaced if lost. Therefore it is common to wear replicas to avoid the losing or damaging of your originals. Replicas also enable you to keep your originals in their original issue case.


My experience has shown that, only the use of the HIGHEST quality medals, and ribbon from Kenning & Spencer in England will suffice. Your medals will be mounted on a solid Perspex backing, NOT CARDBOARD, so they won’t swell and fall apart if they’re subject to moisture, (i.e. rain or beer/bundy). This means you can lightly rinse them under water without damage to the product (made with Diggers in mind).

The medals are not stuck down with glue or silicon. They are sewn down by hand and tied off in a way to keep them firmly in place.

On the back there is “NO” cheap felt to cover up bad craftsmanship. The ribbons have a lot of meaning and they should always been shown. Therefore, 1 Foot/30 cm of ribbon is used on each medal, showing the full ribbon plus medal retaining stick in the back. There is also NO advertisement sticker on the back. These are your medals and if you want to tell who mounted them, you will. They are secured to the garment with stick pins and NEW mushroom clip to lock them in place. Plus 1 Ribbon Bar to match. I also offer the same set with the old style long brooch pin mounting for an extra $5. For the Police Service’s I also offer plastic coating for the ribbon bar for an extra $5 per bar.

If you require a specific set of medals that I haven’t Listed, Send me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP. (If I don’t get back to you strait away, I may be out Bush on Ex).

I also offer a FULL restoration service for old originals that have seen better days. They will be hand polished, all new ribbons and mounted

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